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Raul Leoni

Raul Leoni Otero (26 April 1905 - 5 July 1972) was President of Venezuela from 1964 until 1969. He fought against the dictators Juan Vicente Gomez and Marcos Perez Jimenez, and was a charter member of the Accion Democratica party.

One of the pillars of a political consolidation in Venezuela, the Pacto de Punto Fijo, was underestimated by Leoni, since in his opinion it reduced the "coherence and organization of the regime". Strictly, the pact mandated that the composition of the executive cabinet be limited to representatives of three of the more important political parties: Accion Democratica (AD), COPEI and Union Republicana Democratica (URD). Leoni initially formed a cabinet with a few members of his party and a good number of independents. Later, in November of 1964, Leoni initiated conversations with leaders of the involved parties to rescue the spirit of the pact. A new cabinet was formed, but it lasted for only 16 months.

Leoni took control of the presidency on 13 March 1964, succeeding Romulo Betancourt; both were members of the Accion Democratica.

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