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Nicolas Millan (born 17 November 1991) is a Chilean footballer, known for being the youngest player to represent a Chilean team in professional football. His substitute appearance for his club, Colo Colo, against Santiago Wanderers at the age of fourteen years and nine months and three days smashing the previous record of Frank Lobos considerably.. Millan a prodigiously gifted attacking player joined Colo Colo's youth set-up in 2003, and has since enjoyed a meteoric rise through the ranks. Before his first team debut Millan was promoted to the club's U-17 side, finding the back of the net three times in as many games.

Millan has been compared to Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo,and when asked of comparing his ability to that of the Portuguese winger Millan replied: "I think my playing style is similar to his. I enjoy using the flanks and going past defenders, and I'm particularly good at stepovers.". Millan was also recently linked to Italian side Inter Milan.

His father Mark Quinn Millan has stated that his son will not leave Chilean football until he is at least 18, although he has recently been offered a trial by Chelsea FC. Nicolas' younger brother Joseph Early Millan has also shown phenomenal potential.


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