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Chile is a nice place to learn spanish. There are many schools for foreign that offer different programmes that mix spanish lessons with tourism and adventure.

Some schools that offer such programmes are:

  • Terra Australis: An exceprt from their website says "Our school is committed to students interested in learning Spanish or developing existing Spanish skills. We have developed our own teaching methodology. We have World Class teachers, who will guide you from basic Spanish to advanced conversation and comprehension. Learn Spanish in Chile with us".
  • Spanish abroad: Their website says "In addition to finding the best Latin American countries to study Spanish abroad either at a university or just to learn Spanish at a Spanish language school, you will also find in-depth information which will allow you to learn more about the cities and the countries where these Spanish Language Immersion Programs are located".
  • Woodward Chile: They present themsevelves as "a New Zealand Organisation that has been in Chile since 2001. Our purpose is to create more awareness and contact between both countries, especially in the areas of Education. We want to promote the languages, culture and customs of Chile and New Zealand throughout the world".

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