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Manuel Diaz Rodriguez

Manuel Diaz Rodriguez , was a Venezuelan writer, journalist, physician, diplomat and politician, considered as one of the greatest representatives of the Hispanic modernismo movement.

Being born in Chacao, a small rural village near Caracas in the 19th century, were his parents were Juan Diaz Chavez and Dolores Rodriguez, canaries immigrants that arrived to Venezuela in 1842. In 1891 graduates as physician at the Central University of Venezuela. His literary vocation, begins in the mid 1890s, as cause of his travels to Europe (1892-1896), living in Paris and Vienna and occasional visits to Italy. On his return to Venezuela, joins the group of intellectuals who are grouped around the magazine El Cojo Ilustrado and "Cosmopolis", being one of the members of the so-called Generation of 1898 in Venezuela, next to Pedro Emilio Coll, Luis Manuel Urbaneja Achelpohl, Pedro Cesar Dominici and Cesar Zumeta. Publishing in 1896 Sensaciones de Viaje (Travel Sensations). This first book, includes an article previously published in El Cojo Ilustrado, Alrededor de Napoes (Around Naples), in which expressed his modernist alienation.

In 1902 published his second novel Sangre patricia (Patrician blood), presenting the dislocation where the absentee died during his travel to modern coasts. After publishing this novel and followed by the death of his father, Diaz Rodriguez is responsible for the family hacienda, situated in the outskirts of Chacao. Between 1903 and 1908, divides his time between the farm work and literature. Finally ended his rural retirement with the publication of Camino de Perfeccion (Way of Perfection), where exposed his literary ideal, the perfection between the ideas and word. In 1909 directs the daily El Progresista, and is appointed as vice rector of the Central University of Venezuela. Was also director of Higher Education and Fine Arts at the Ministry of Education in 1911, Minister of Foreign Affairs between 1913 to 1914, Senator for the Bolivar state in 1915, Minister of Development in 1916, Minister Plenipotentiary of Venezuela in Italy from 1919 until 1923, Head of Government os the states Nueva Esparta (1925) and Sucre (1926). For 1921 published his last novel, Peregrina o el Pozo encantado (Pilgrim or the Enchanted well). In 1927, travels to New York City to treat a throat ailment, dying in that city at the age of 56, his last work was published after his death, entitled Entre colinas en flor (Among flowering hills).

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