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Ventarron is the site of a 4,000-year old temple which was unearthed in Peru, in the ancient city of Lambayeque, 760 km away from Peru's capital, Lima. The site is close to Sipan, another ancient settlement. The structure, which takes part of a larger ruin, is located in a valley and its murals is said to be the oldest archaeological finding in America. Walter Alva, the Peruvian archaeologist making the discovery, commented on his findings:

"...surprising are the construction methods, the architectural design and most of all the existence of murals that could be the oldest in the Americas.

Alva evaluated further that "the discovery of this temple reveals evidence suggesting the region of Lambayeque was one of great cultural exchange between the Pacific coast and the rest of Peru."


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Media Coverage

National Geographic, Oldest Temple, Mural in the Americas Found in Peru, November 12, 2007

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