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Gran Vilaya

Gran Vilaya is a complex of many archaeological remains and ruins, spread over a wide area in the Utcubamba Valley in northern Peru.

Gene Savoy, an American explorer, discovered and named the complex in 1985. It is located to the west of Kuelap fortress, it is characterized by ruins centres of population such as the Stairs, the Pirquilla, Cacahuasha, Mortar, the Bishop, Paxamarca, Lanche, the Secret, etc. There are 15-30 main sites and hundreds of smaller sites as well. This entire complex dates from the pre-Incan Chachapoya culture.

It is estimated that approximately 5,000 buildings exist within the greater Gran Vilaya area, some circular and some rectangular, all constructed of local limestone with geometrical shapes embossed on the walls of many, representing humans and animals such as the snake, condor or puma .

Several travel agencies offer trekking trips into the area, crossing mountain ranges on foot and horseback and finishing up at the fortress of Kuelap.

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