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Candoshi-Shapra is an isolate indigenous American language spoken in western South America by several thousand native people, although these figures are dated. The language is spoken along the Chapuli, Huitoyacu, Pastaza, and Morona river valleys. Candoshi-Shapra has two dialects, Chapara (also spelled Shapra) and Kandoashi, it may be related to Arawakan, but is definitely not a Jivaroan language. This language is an official language of Peru as are all native languages in the areas where they are spoken and are the predominant language in use. Their people are prideful in their language and seems to be prospering, 88.5 percent of people are bilingual with Spanish. There is 10 to 30 percent literacy and 15 to 25 percent in Second language Spanish. There is a Candoshi-Shapra dictionary and grammar rules have been developed.



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