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Achuar-Shiwiar is an American Jivaroan language spoken along the Morona, Macusari, Tigre, Huasaga, and Corrientes rivers in Peru and along the Pastaza and Bobonaza rivers in Ecuador. The language is also known as Achuar, Achual, Achuara, Achuale, Jivaro, and Maina. Many Achuar-Shiwiar speakers in Ecuador have some understanding of Shuar; that language is sometimes confused with Achuar due to a similar alternate name for it: Jivaro. These speakers are Aboriginals and follow their traditional religion and subsist from agriculture, hunter-gathering, and fishing, according to Ethnologue.



Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Achuar-Shiwiar

The Shiwiar Rainforest Initiative

Achuar-Shiwiar on Native Languages of the Americas

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