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University of the Andes, Colombia

The University of the Andes , also known as Uniandes, is a coeducational, nonsectarian private university located in downtown Bogota, Colombia. Founded in 1948, The University currently has 9 Schools, all of which offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs: Management, Architecture and Design, Arts and Humanities, Science, Social Sciences, Law, Economics, Engineering and Medicine..

The university was founded by a group of Colombian intellectuals led by Mario Laserna Pinzon and was at the time the first university in the country to be non-sectarian, that is, independent of political parties or influence from the state or the church.. Today, the University sought to model itself after major research universities through strategies as greater focus on graduate education and research. As a result of this, doctorate programs have been opened in recent years and new research facilities have been built on campus. The University has not yet achieved wide international visibility. However, it was included recently among the top 500 universities worldwide (400-500 tier) in a classification done by Times Higher EducationQS of London.


Los Andes University offers 28 undergraduate programs, 30 specialized degree programs, 20 master's programs, and 5 doctoral programs.

Undergraduate Programs

* Administration (Business)

* Anthropology

* Architecture

* Art

* Biology

* Political Science

* Law

* Industrial Design

* Economics

* Philosophy

* Physics

* History

* Environmental Engineering

* Civil Engineering

* Systems and Computing Engineering

* Electrical Engineering

* Electronic Engineering

* Industrial Engineering

* Mechanical Engineering

* Chemical Engineering

* Languages & Sociocultural Studies

* Literature

* Mathematics

* Medicine

* Microbiology

* Music

* Psychology

* Chemistry

Specialized Graduate Programs

Master's Programs

Doctoral Programs

* Biology

* Physics

* Engineering

School of Management

* Marketing

* Finance

School of Architecture and Design

* Department of Architecture

* Department of Design

School of Arts and Humanities


School of Sciences

* International Negotiation and Relations

* Theory and Experience of the Solution of Armed Conflict

School of Social Sciences

School of Law

School of Economics

School of Government Alberto Lleras Camargo

School of Engineering

* Automation of Industrial Processes

* Electricity Transmission and Distribution Systems

* Highway and Transport Infrastructure

* Integral Management of the Environment

* IT Systems in the Organization

* Organizational Control and Management Systems

* Risk Evaluation and Disaster Prevention

* Software Development

* Software Construction for Computer Networks

* Telematics

* Telecommunication Companies Management

* E-Commerce

School of Medicine


The mascot of Uniandes is a goat called Seneca. Its story dates back to the late 1940s when a goat roamed the campus freely. Students adopted it, and it became a symbol for the university. The goat died in 1966 when it fell off a cliff. Today it is not posible to hold a goat within the campus, but Seneca is still fondly remembered. The wireless spots are named after the goat, and every year a goat is brought to the university to celebrate "The Students' Day".

Notable faculty and Alumni


Former deans of Law School

Eduardo Cifuentes Munoz (current)

Alfredo Luis Fuentes Hernandez

Manuel Jose Cepeda Espinosa

Alfredo Lewin Figueroa

Luis Ignacio Becerra Fadul

Mauricio Echeverri Gutierrez

Carlos Gustavo Arrieta Padilla

Fernando Cepeda Ulloa

Gustavo Zafra Roldan

Eduardo Alvarez-Correa Duperly

Jaime Vidal Perdomo

Sergio Rodriguez Restrepo

Fernando Umana Pavolini

Hernando Gomez Otalora

Former deans of Economics School

Alejandro Gaviria Uribe (Current)

Juan Carlos Echeverry

Alberto Carrasquilla Barrera

Santiago Montenegro Trujillo

Jose Leibovich

Manuel Ramirez Gomez

Eduardo Sarmiento Palacio

Edgar Reveiz Roldan

Augusto Cano Motta

Francisco Ortega Acosta

Eduardo Wiesner Duran

Miguel Fadul

Daniel Penaranda

Jorge Ruiz Lara

Armando Sanchez Torres

Hernan Echavarria Olozaga


Nicolas Gomez Davila - a Colombian writer who helped found the Los Andes University

Alberto Lleras Camargo - Colombian president who helped found the Los Andes University

Cesar Gaviria - President of Colombia from 1990 to 1994, and Secretary General of the Organization of American States from 1994 until 2004.

External links

Universidad de los Andes website (in Spanish)

Universidad de los Andes website

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