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Pontifical Xavierian University

The Pontificia Universidad Javeriana is a Jesuit university in Bogota, and has a second campus in Cali, Colombia. It has programmes in engineering, science, medicine, law, social science, art, and architecture, among others. The university was founded in 1623 and later reestablished in 1930.

Faculties and undergraduate programmes


Architecture and Design


Economic and Administrative sciences

Juridical sciences.

Political sciences and International Relations

Social sciences


Information and Library Science

Canonic law


Infirmary (Nursing)

Environmental and Rural studies



Bioethics institute.

Medicine(Best Medicine Program in Colombia)





The College of the Society of Jesus was established in Santafe de Bogota in 1604. In 1623, the Audience and the Archbishop recognized the academic degrees conferred by the college. The students at that time received their degree, including Pedro Claver. That is the origin of the at that time known as, the University and Academy of Saint Francis Xavier.

In 1767, the Jesuits were expelled from the Spanish colonies, which closed the first stage of the existence of the Universidad Javeriana.

Headmaster List

Baltasar Mas Burgues, S.J. - 1623

Sebastian Murillo, S.J. - 1628

Francisco de Fuentes, S.J. - 1636

Francisco Sarmiento, S.J. - 1639

Baltasar Mas Burgues, S.J. - 1641

Juan Manuel, S.J. - 1642-1645

Pedro Fernandez, S.J. - 1646

Juan Gregorio, S.J. - 1651

Francisco Varaiz, S.J. - 1653

Juan Gregorio, S.J. - 1657

Gaspar Cujia, S.J. - 1659

Bartolome Perez, S.J.

Juan de Santiago, S.J. - 1673

Juan Martinez R., S.J. -1677 -1681

Francisco Alvarez, S.J. - 1682

Pedro de Mercado, S.J. - 1686

Pedro Calderon, S.J. - 1706

Diego de Tapia, S.J. - 1733 -1734

Mateo Mimbela, S.J. - 1735

Francisco Catano, S.J. - 1737

Jaime Lopez, S.J. - 1738 -1741

Tomas Casabona, S.J. - 1743 - 1749

Ignacio Ferrer, S.J. - 1756

Manuel Roman, S.J. - 1761

Manuel Zapata, S.J. - 1764 -1765

Nicolas Candela, S.J. - 1767.


163 years after the university had been closed, an act of restoration was signed. A communication of the Sacred Congregation of Seminars and Universities congratulated the priesthood for the initiative.

In 1937, the university initiated a second stage with the College of Economic and Legal Sciences. Gradually, more colleges were created, until what is currently the heart of the university was established. More recently, in 1970, after multiple petitions from the community of Cali, the university started a programme in that city. The extension of the Universidad Javeriana in Cali, took the name of "Seccional Cali", teaching students pursuing their degree in business, engineering, psychology.

Head List

Jose Salvador Restrepo, S.J. 1930 -1932

Jesus Maria Fernandez, S.J. 1932 -1935

Alberto Moreno, S.J. (E) 1935

Carlos Ortiz, S.J. 1935 -1941

Francisco Javier Mejia, S.J.(E) 1941

Felix Restrepo, S.J. 1941 - 1950

Emilio Arango, S.J. 1950 -1955

Carlos Ortiz, S.J. (E) 1955 -1956; (Rector) 1956 -1960

Jesus Emilio Ramirez, S.J. 1960 -1966

Fernando Baron, S.J. 1966 -1970

Alfonso Borrero, S.J. 1970 -1977

Roberto Caro, S.J. 1977-1983

Jorge Hoyos Vasquez, S.J. 1983 -1989

Gerardo Arango Puerta, S.J. 1989 -1998

Gerardo Remolina Vargas, S.J. 1999 - 2007

Joaquin Emilio Sanchez, S.J. 2007 -

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Postgraduate information (in Spanish)

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