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Antioquia School of Engineering (EIA)

Antioquia School of Engineering is a private institution of higher education in Colombia. It stands out in the integral formation of professionals in the area of engineering.

Historical Review

The Antioquia School of Engineering, was conceived in a meeting of very recognized professionals and graduated of the School of Mines.

During the second semester of 1976, there was an attempt to form a new faculty of Engineering in the city of Medellin (Antioquia). As reason expressed for it, was the deterioration of the circumstances in Nacional University, mostly because of the frequent assemblies and strikes with the consequent interruptions of the academic activities, to such point that the foundation seemed useful and necessary.

The necessity of an integral formation, in which a careful technical preparation, oriented to form professionals able to evolve with efficiency in any branch of Civil Engineering and Administration, like it used to be until some years ago, was conjugated with the advisable humanistic formation, so that such professionals could offer an intelligent understanding of the Colombian problems.

Therefore after many efforts seeking the materialization of this ideal, the group of the 27 founders consolidated and signed the private document that included the act of foundation and the statutes of the institution the 14 of February 1978, giving legal life to this Corporation without spirit of profit, denominated SCHOOL OF MINES AND ENGINEERING.

The 18 of September 1979, a decision was taken to modify the statutes as well as the name of the institution because this resembled to much the one that already existed as SCHOOL OF MINES, name with which it was known previously the faculty of the National University in Medellin. In addition, the denominated Mines Engineering was not properly a Program of Mines, thus was advisable the reform in the name of the institution.

It was in this way that it was born the Antioquia School of Engineering, name that has accompanied the institution during its 30 years of trajectory.

Basic characteristics

The Escuela de Ingenieria de Antioquia (Antioquia School of Engineering) is a non-profit private institution, of superior education, whose mission is the integral formation of professionals of the highest quality in its programs of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, the promotion of the applied investigation and the interaction with the surroundings, with which it tries the technological, economic, cultural, and social development of the nation.

As academic community work towards of a global vision, the creativity, the team work, the improvement of the quality of life and the respect of natural resources, taking care of the principles of the ethics and justice.

The motto: to be, to know and to serve, gathers the essential elements of the reason of being of the EIA; in the being, respect, honesty, the responsibility, integrity, in sum, a good citizen for the world; in the knowledge, the permanent search of the academic excellence, the rigor, the discipline, the certainty and the tenacity, in few words, the formation of engineers and professionals of high quality; and in serving, by means of the conviction that all expressed to the being and knowledge, only acquires his true dimension in the search of the collective well-being.

The principal is Carlos Felipe Londono Alvarez.

Degree programs

Undergraduate programs

*Management Engineering

It forms competent professionals in the design, innovation, analysis, interpretation, planning, leadership, implementation, negotiation, and control of decisions in the administration, human resources, financial, and marketing areas, combining the systemic vision of the organizations with the methodology and rigor of engineering.

Management Engineering manages the administrative decision-making I the organizations, with the purpose of making them nationally and internationally competitive. These decisions are applied to the human, financial, technological, and commercial resources of the organization. [*]

*Environmental Engineering

It forms competent professionals in the design of technical solutions for the prevention, mitigation, and control of diagnosis, evaluation, and administration of the environment in its physical , biotic , and social dimensions.

Environmental Engineer manages integrally the environmental variables in the planning of industrial projects and infrastructure, in accordance with sustainable development. [*]

*Biomedical Engineering

It forms competent professionals in the design, implementation, simulation, mathematical modeling, research and management of biomedical solutions in rehabilitation, clinical engineering, bioinstrumentation, health biotechnology, and biomaterials.

This program is offered in agreement with another recognized institution of higher education, the Health Sciences Institute CES-.

Biomedical Engineer develops technological, scientific, and administrative solutions, under integral and optimal criteria, seeking the human health. [*]

*Civil Engineering

It forms competent professionals in the design, planning, construction, and administration of civil works such as buildings and other structures, water and hydraulic works, soils and geotechnics, highways and transportation projects; as well as in the identification of tive solutions, that contribute to the balanced development of the country.

Civil Engineer opportunely manages civil woks relating to the sustainable development of the region and the country. [*]

*Industrial Engineering

It forms competent professionals to analyze diagnose, plan, design, implement, evaluate, and administer processes in the areas of product design, production, quality, and logistics.

Industrial Engineer innovates and optimizes the processes in manufacturing and service enterprises, in order to obtain high competitiveness in national and international fields. [*]

*Informatics Engineering

It forms competent professionals in the analysis, design, construction, implantation, support, administration and research of solutions in the areas of software engineering, telematics, and data bases for all kinds of companies.

Informatics Engineer develops informatics solutions with the purpose of optimizing information systems and thus facilitate the strategic, technical, and operative decision-making in organizations and to generate an exportable supply of products and services in the industry of knowledge, allowing a sustainable competitive advantage.

*Mechatronics Engineering

It forms competent professionals that apply the electronics and the techniques of computational intelligence to the design, execution, updating, and control of mechanical and electromechanical systems to the development of products, and to automatic and intelligent processes in multidisciplinary areas with high levels of autonomy and versatility in their functions.

Mechatronics Engineer administer Mechatronics solutions to respond integrally to the requirements of updating and modernization of Colombian industry at all levels, in order to obtain greater competitiveness and minimize technological dependency. [*]


Graduate programs

Management of production and services

Corporate finance

Management of engineering companies

Urban management and processes

Management of global markets

Continued education

Courses and Seminaries [*]

Qualifies [*]


Palmas (Undergraduate Programs)

Kilometer 2 + 200 variant to the Airport Jose Maria Cordova.

Phone: (57) (4) 3 54 90 90

Zuniga (Graduate Programs)

It is located in the Street 25 south Num. 42-73 in Envigado.

Phone: (57) (4) 3 39 32 00

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