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Universidad de las Americas (Chile)

Universidad de Las Americas, is a private Chilean university, founded in 1988, belonging to the network Laureate International Universities private Universities. The university has programs

"Undergraduate traditional day, preferably Young full-time classes Monday Friday, "Undergraduate traditional evening", which is preferentially targeted to working adults can attend classes daily schedule evening, "Undergraduate Executive for balance work, family and studies, with classes

two evenings a week and noon on Saturday, the "Continuing Studies" (graduate) oriented professionals who already possess a university degree or technical refinement and wishing.

In the system of higher education in Chile, University is a private, autonomous region declared

in 1997 by the Higher Education Council (CSE) and formally accredited in 2007 by the National Commission CNA CHILE Accreditation, meeting the highest quality standards established by the legislation force.


Universidad de Las Americas (UDLA) was founded in 1988 and started its academic activities in 1989. Declared Autonomous by the Higher Education in December 1997. Its headquarters is located in the metropolitan area of Santiago in the commune of Providencia.

The first Rector was the UDLA Hon. and Magfco. Mr. Galdamez Mario Albornoz, who was a commercial engineer from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile and Masters of Arts in Economics from the University of Chicago in United States.

During his tenure in 1995, inaugurated the campus Quito (Ecuador), namely that the talks had started in 1993 with a group of Ecuadorian entrepreneurs to form a campus of the Universidad de Las Americas in Chile Ecuador to prepare well-trained professionals this country's needs. In turn, in 2003 the house of studies at the national level decentralization, opening offices in Concepcion and Vina del Mar.

Universidad de Las Americas in 2000, its size and educational model is the first Casa de Estudios Superiores de Chile in a private member of the consortium of private universities in the world Sylvan International Universities, which since 2004 is Laureate International Universities, positioning itself as one of the largest private universities in Chile.

Albornoz died in 2006, which marks the end of an era for this institution. Laureate International Universities posthumously given to the successor Albornoz, Exma. and Mgfca. Patricia Cabello Pedrasa, who died in the name of the school receives the "Gold Medal", the highest distinction granted by this network of universities each year to outstanding scholars.

The year 2007 left the rectory and assumes Hair Hon. and Mgfco. Yutronic Jorge Fernandez, a prominent national engineer who initiates the process of restructuring of the university. Changing the institutional logo and slogan , It reorganizes the house of studies and opens the process to access the Self Institutional Accreditation. In April 2008, achieved the desired Yutronic Accreditation by the National Accreditation Commission.

With the mission accomplished, Yutronic left the rectory, and he was succeeded by former Chairman of the Board, Mr. Undurraga. The Hon. and Mgfco. Pedro Jose Izquierdo Undurraga is Commercial Engineer from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile and an MBA from University of Chicago United States.

UDLA CHILE has distributed more than 27,000 students on eight campuses, five in Santiago de Chile and in three regions (Vina del Mar and Concepcion).

Government College

Direct Authority

President, Mr. Herman Chadwick Pinera

Vice President, Mr. Jose Pedro Izquierdo Undurraga

Secretary General, Mr. Pedro Covarrubias Besa

Members, Mr. Genaro Arriagada; Berckemeyer Mr. Ricardo, Mr. Edward Cabanas, Mr. William C. Dennis Jr., Mr. Fernan Gazmuri Plaza, Mr. Manfredo Mayol Duran; Dr. German Ramirez Garcia, Jorge Selume Zaror; Villate Jesus Castillo.

===Executive Authorities===

Rector, Hon. and Mgfco. Pedro Jose Izquierdo Undurraga.

Prorrectora, Mrs. Paulina Dittborn Cordua.

Secretary General, Mr. Pedro Covarrubias Besa.

Academic Vice Chancellor, Dr. Roberto Hojman Guinerman.

Vice Chancellor for Administration and Management University, Ms. Patricia Veliz Jaime.

Vice Chancellor of Extension and Linkages to the Environment, Mr. Francisco Martinez Rios.

Vice Headquarters Center Santiago, Juan Carlos Grenette Kong.

Vice Headquarters Providence, Mr. Claudio Apablaza.

Vice Florida headquarters, Mr. Francisco Flores.

Vice Headquarters Maipu Mr. Ricardo Castro.

Vice Headquarters Concepcion, Ricardo Brain Trucco.

Vice Headquarters Vina del Mar, Sr. Rodrigo Torres Arenas.

Rector since its foundation: 1989 onwards

1989 - 2006 Hon. and Mgfco. Mr Mario Albornoz Galdamez

2006 - 2007 Hon. and Mgfca. Patricia Cabello Pedrasa

2007 - 2008 Hon. and Mgfco. Mr. Jorge Fernandez Yutronic

2008 - ------- Hon. and Mgfco. Pedro Jose Izquierdo Undurraga


Mission and Vision

Providing quality education, fostering the development of people and prepare them for professional standards, and universal values, namely to respond in full to the diversity and complexity of modern life, positive to address the challenges the future and be a contribution to society and culture.

The mission of the University of the Americas contributed to the social mobility of people in a sustainable manner over time, allowing the development of skills necessary to assume, with better preparation, the challenges of contemporary society.

Academic values

Universidad de Las Americas country meets the reality, recognizing that the only possible way to increase the skilled workforce is education. Second, that any young person should have the opportunity to pursue higher education regardless of their socio-economic and educational travel, and third, that existing employees should also have the opportunity to access higher education and / or training.

Faculties and Schools

Faculty of Engineering

Dean Mr. Dr. Antonino Parisi.

*School of Engineering

*School Construction

*Sound Engineering School

*School of Information Technology

*Institute of Mathematics and Physics

Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Dean Mr. Ph.D. Beatriz Palma.

*School of Medicine Vetrinaria

*School of Agronomy

*Instituto de Ciencias Naturales

Faculty of Business Administration

*Dean Mr. Dr. Antonino Parisi.

*School of Hospitality and Tourism

*School of Commercial Engineering

*School of Communications

*School Audit

*Business School

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

Dean Mr. MA Paul Marassi Mag.

*School Psychology

*School of Social Work

*School of Journalism

Faculty of Law

Dean Mr. Dr. Patricio Zapata.

*Law School

Faculty of Education

Dean Mr. Dr.(c) Hugo Nervi.

*School of Education

Faculty of Physical Activity and Health

Dean Mr. Mario Munoz.

Nursing School

School of Kinesiology

School of Physical Education

Health Institute

Faculty of Architecture, Art and Design

Dean Mr. Sergio Munoz de la Parra.

*Design School

*Art School

*School of Architecture

Department of Continuing Education

*Diploma Business Management

Director Mr. Claudio Hidalgo

*Diploma Talent Management and Human Resources Management

Director Mr. Dr. (c) Dino Villegas

*Diploma Business Management and Monitoring Equipment

Director Alejandro Reyes Sifon


It has over 114,000 square meters, which are distributed in 8 offices throughout the country, three in the metropolitan area of Santagio, two in the region of Bio. Bio Region and one in Valparaiso.

In 2003, the University began its period of growth at the national level, then its position in the Metropolitan Region with headquarters Santagio Providencia, La Florida and Maipu.

This expansion begins in one of the most important university cities in the country, Concepcion, creating the Campus Chacabuco. The 2004 decentralization continues, this time at the university of Chile, inaugurated the Campus Vina del Mar. In 2005 in partnership with Sport One, it creates the "ONE-UDLA Sports Complex" in the commune of macular; 2006 opens second campus in Conception, founded in "The Boldal".

Universidad de Las Americas continually invests in modern technology and infrastructure so that their students can receive the education they expect and deserve. An example is the training center simulation of Health, which are the most modern world and the first in Latin America, which will be used by students in careers related to health, or the Virtual Campus, which is a portal for students who have Apuntes Digital Library Online, Learning Labs, Gym academic assessments online, among others.

Infrastructure and cutting edge technology are the pillars for the training of professionals capable of adapting to changes and work successfully in any market. Furthermore, encouraging and promoting theoretical and practical learning for students and their interaction with other students and teachers.

Locations & Campus

Providencia headquarters

* Headquarters Providencia, Avenida Manuel Montt 948 / Antonio Varas 929

* Building Faculty of Architecture, Design and Art, Antonio Varas 840

* Building Faculty of Physical Activity and Health, Antonio Varas 807

Santiago Center Headquarters

* Santiago Campus Center, 71 Republic Avenue

* Campus Echaurren, Echaurren 140

La Florida Headquarters

* La Folrida Campus, 1360 Avenue Walker Martinez

Headquarters Maipu

* Maipu Campus, Avenida 5 April 0620

Headquarters Concepcion

* Campus Chacabuco Chacabuco 539

* The Boldal Campus, Avenida Jorge Alessandri 1160

Headquarters Vina del Mar

* Campus Vina del Mar, Avenida 1 East esq. Benidorm Marina Arauco Av Tower

* Faculty Artquitectura Building, Design and Art, 1 East Avenida esq. 14 North

* Faculty of Education Building, 1071 North 13 Avenue

* Building Faculty of Physical Activity and Health, 654 Avenida Benidorm.

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