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List of major political scandals in Chile

This is a list of major political scandals in Chile:

"Scorpion" scandal (1809) - A smuggling scandal that caused the fall of the Royal Governor and hastened Chilean Independence

Santa Maria de Iquique School Massacre ("Matanza de la Escuela Santa Maria de Iquique") (1907) - The slaughter of hundreds of striking saltpeter workers in Iquique at the hands of the police and military forces

Ladislao's war (1920) - A phony threat of war in order to reduce voters to opposition candidate.

Saber-rattling ("Ruido de sables") (1924) - The display of discomfort by young military men during a session of the Senate

Marusia massacre (1925) - 500 miners shot dead by the police forces

Seguro Obrero massacre (1938) - 58 people murdered by police in the wake of an attempted Nazi putsch

Watches affair (1953) - A corruption scandal that ended the political career of Maria De la Cruz, the first Chilean woman senator

Cuban packages (1972) - A smuggling scandal involving President Salvador Allende

Alejandrina Cox incident (1973) - A traffic incident that caused the resignation of the Army Commander-in-chief and hastened the Chilean coup of 1973

Charles Horman (1973) - A US journalist tortured and killed by the military during the Chilean coup of 1973

Caravan of Death (1973) - 70 people executed by the military after the Chilean coup of 1973

Operation Colombo (1975) - Murder of 119 political opponents of Pinochet by the Chilean DINA

Operation Condor (1970s)

Carlos Prats - Assassination of Chilean General in the frame of Operation Condor.

Letelier case (1976) - Chilean politician and former minister murdered in Washington D.C.

Slit throats case ("Caso Degollados") (1985) - A brutal murder that caused the resignation of the Police Head and profound changes in the political and legal structure of the government

Burnt Alive case ("Caso Quemados") (1986) - Two youngsters burnt alive during a political protest by a military patrol

Corpus Christi killings (Matanza de Corpus Christi) (1987) - The assassination of 12 members of the Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front in Santiago by the National Information Center (Central Nacional de Informaciones)

Operation Silence (1991) DINE (successor to DINA) assists several military and DINA officers wanted for human rights abuse to escape from Chile

Pineragate (1992) - Political espionage and eavesdropping

Pinochecks ("Pinocheques") (1992) - A corruption scandal involving the eldest son of Augusto Pinochet

Gerardo Huber (1992) - Assassination of a former DINA officer involved in an illegal arms deal with Croatia

Eugenio Berrios (1995) - Assassination of a DINA biochemist

Augusto Pinochet's arrest and trial (1998)

CORFO-Inverlink (2003) - 79 billion pesos swindle against a government organization in charge of promoting economic development

MOP-Gate (2003) - Triangulation of public money to finance payolas to government employees



Spiniak case (2004) - Pedophilia case allegedly involving congressmen and businessmen

Colonia Dignidad - Concentration camp directed by ex-Nazi and child molester Paul Schafer

Empresa de los Ferrocarriles del Estado - Questionable management that led to the near bankruptcy of the State Railway Company

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