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Michael Townley

Michael Vernon Townley is an American citizen currently living in the United States under terms of the federal witness protection program. An alleged CIA agent and operative of the Chilean secret police, DINA, Townley confessed, was convicted, and served time in the United States for the 1976 Washington, D.C., assassination of Orlando Letelier, former Chilean ambassador to the United States. As part of his plea bargain, Townley received immunity from further prosecution, and was therefore not extradicted to Argentina to stand trial for the assassination attempt on Chilean general Carlos Prats and his wife. Townley has also been convicted (1993), in absentia, by an Italian court in carrying out the 1975 Rome murder attempt on Bernardo Leighton. Townley worked in producing chemical weapons for Pinochet's use against political opponents, along with Colonel Gerardo Huber Manuel Salazar Salvo, Roto el pacto de silencio en la inteligencia militar, Punto Final, n611, 24 March – 6 April, 2006 and the DINA biochemist Eugenio Berrios. Michael Townley fue interrogado por muerte de Frei Montalva, Radio Cooperativa, 30 March 2005

According to head of DINA Manuel Contreras, Michael Townley returned to Chile at the end of 1973, working for the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), with the intent of receiving from the "Highest National Authority, in agreement with what had already been planned by the CIA ... the order to act in direct, personal and exclusive form, without intermediaries, against General Carlos Prats Gonzalez in Buenos Aires". Prats was killed with a car bomb in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1974.

Michael Townley confessed that he had hired five anti-Castrist Cuban exiles to booby-trap Letelier's car. According to Jean-Guy Allard, after consultations with the leadership of the anti-Castro Cuban organization CORU, including Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch, those elected to carry out the murder were Cuban-Americans Jose Dionisio Suarez, Virgilio Paz Romero, Alvin Ross Diaz and brothers Guillermo and Ignacio Novo Sampoll. ** Terrorism Then and Now, Saul Landau, in CounterPunch, August 20-21, 2005 ** Posada and his accomplices, active collaborators of Pinochets fascist police, Granma, 26 March 2003 According to the Miami Herald, Luis Posada Carriles was also at this meeting, which decided on Letelier's death and also about the Cubana Flight 455 bombing.

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