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The Mapuche (Mapfuchieu) are one of the indigenous inhabitants of Central and Southern Chile and Southern Argentina. They were known as Araucanians (araucanos) by the Spaniards. This is now considered pejorativehttp://www.mapuche.info/azkin/az_domingo13.pdf AZ Domingo 17 de Febrero de 2008 by some people. Mapuche make up about 4% of the Chilean population, who are particularly concentrated in the Araucania Region.

Contrary to popular belief, the Quechua word awqa "rebel, enemy", is probably not the root of araucano: the latter is more likely derived from the placename rag ko (Spanish Arauco) "clayey water". Mapuche o Araucano Antecedentes historicos del pueblo araucano

The Mapuche had an economy based on agriculture; their social organisation consisted of extended families, under the direction of a "lonko" or chief, although in times of war they would unite in larger groupings and elect a toqui to lead them.

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