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Curacautin, which means "Gathering Stone" in Mapudungun, is a municipality and city in the Chilean province of Malleco. Curacautin is located 90 kilometres northeast of Temuco, in a valley near the volcanoes Tolhuaca, Lonquimay and Llaima, all of which can be seen from the city. Historically, it served as a highway of sorts for the Pehuenches that lived on either side of the Andes mountain range.

Volcanic Origin

This area is valued for its natural beauty. Conguillio and Tolhuaca National Parks; Malleco, Malalcahuello, and Nalcas National Reserves are all close by

The municipality stretches over approximately 1,660 km and has a population of around 20,000.


The fort at Curacautin was founded on March 12, 1882 by Gregorio Urrutia Venegas.

Between 1913 and 1915, two important structures (the railroad and the Greater City Hall) were built. In 1938, Mosso plywood factory began production, being the fist in Chile to export plywood. This, coupled with the railroad, allowed products to be shipped all over Chile as well as internationally. This factory was one of the main employers of the commune, having a big impact in every aspect of the city. In 2000, FOCURA (formerly Mosso) its declares in bankruptcy, ending an era in Curacautin.

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