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Cedula de identidad

A Cedula de Identidad also known as cedula de ciudadania or Documento de identidad (DNI) is a national identity document used in many countries in Central America and South America. A cedula, in general, is an order, authorization, or royal decree, often from a king.

In certain countries, such as Costa Rica and Dominican Republic, a cedula de identidad is the only valid ID document for many purposes; for example, a driving license or passport is not valid to open a bank account. The term "cedula" may also colloquially refer to the number on the identity document.

Central America

In Central America, the cedula de identidad is valid for border crossings between four Central American countries: Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, in recent years, a cedula de identidad, has been a credit card-sized plastic card. On one side, it includes a photo of the person, a personal identification number, and the card's owner personal information , and the user's signature. On the reverse, it may include additional information such as the date when the ID card was granted, expiration date of the ID card, and other such as their fingerprints, and all the owner's information in matrix code.

The cards may include several security measures, including the use of ultraviolet coating.

In the near future in Costa Rica, the cedulas de identidad will also be used in the digital signature process.


In Guatemala, cedulas are made of paper, folded and stapled booklet style, with a blue cover. They are about the size of credit cards. Municipal governments typically issue them for their residents. Cedulas are authenticated by the signature of the local Civil Registry. [*]

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