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Carabineros de Chile

Carabineros de Chile are the uniformed Chilean national police force and gendarmerie, created on April 27, 1927. Their mission is to maintain order and create public respect for the laws of the country. They depend on the Ministerio de Defensa Nacional (Ministry of National Defense) through the Undersecretary of Carabiniers and the Ministerio del Interior (Ministry of the Interior). Chile also has an investigative police force, the Policia de Investigaciones.

The origins of the Carabineros de Chile trace back to night watchmen such as Dragones de la Reina (Queen's Dragoons) (created in 1758 and later renamed the Dragoons of Chile in 1812) and other organizations that fulfilled functions such as the watch and local policing.

The first policing organization with the name "Carabiniers" was the Corps of Carabiniers, in Spanish Cuerpo de Carabineros (with similar meaning as the Italian Carabinieri), formed in 1903 to bring law and order to the Araucania Region of Southern Chile (then much larger than today). In 1908 the Carabiniers' School was created. In 1927, President Carlos Ibanez del Campo merged the Fiscal Police (Policia Fiscal), the Rural Police (Policia Rural), and the Cuerpo de Carabineros into the Carabiniers of Chile, one unified institution under the direction of the national government. The organization still carries the name given to it by Ibanez, who became the Carabiniers' first Director General.

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