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Juan Bautista Bailoretto

Juan Bautista Bailoretto or J.B. Vailoretto , son of Italian immigrants to Argentina, was born in Santa Fe. Bailoretto fled from justice after killing a sheriff because of "lover matters" with a prostitute NotiCampo Revista > Juan Bautista Bairoletto > 2 parte in Castex city, a little town in La Pampa Province, this outlaw bandit who robbed the rich to help the poor, and probably for that had been called the "Argentine Robin Hood" or the "Creole Robin Hood criollo" and became a myth in Argentina after his death. He died amid a police ambush.

Music and Movie

The Movie "La Aventura de un rebelde" describes his insurgent and rebel life. Argentinian musician Leon Gieco composed a song "Bandidos Rurales" about Bailoretto and others Argentinian rural bandits.

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