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Diccionario de argentinismos

Diccionario de argentinismos is an authoritative dictionary of the Spanish language as occurring in Argentina prior to 1911. It was published in 1911 under the auspices of the Comision Nacional del Centenario (Argentine National Commission on the Centenary) and printed in Buenos Aires by Imprenta de Coni Hermanos (Coni Brothers Press).

The introduction begins with a discussion of the merits of the Diccionario de la lengua espanola de la Real Academia Espanola (DRAE), except that DRAE has insufficient coverage of Spanish as spoken in Argentina. Diccionario de argentinismos lists 15,000 terms and senses not in DRAE, and many additional phrases.

Table of contents


Abreviaturas principales y signos ortograficos

Castellanismos y neologismos



Nombres gentilicios

Locuciones sustantivas y otras

Voces extranjeras

Estancia y campana

Tribus indigenas y sus lenguas




Palabras interesantes portuguesas, italianas y francesas

Refranes, frases, modismos y clausulas

Refranes, etc., omitidos

Indice general, por materias

Indice general alfabetico de las palabras

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