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Acacia caven

Acacia caven is an ornamental tree in the Fabaceae family. Acacia caven is native to Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay. It grows four to five metres tall and it has white thorns up to 2 cm in length. It blooms in Spring, with bright yellow flowers 1 cm to 2 cm in diameter.


Prominent occurrences of A. caven are within the Chilean matorral of central Chile, where the species is a common associate of the Chilean Wine Palm, Jubaea chilensis.C. Michael Hogan (2008) Chilean Wine Palm: Jubaea chilensis, GlobalTwitcher.com, ed. N. Stromberg

The flowers of A. caven are used as food for bees in the production of honey.


Erosion control

The tree is used for erosion control.

Ornamental tree

The tree has ornamental uses.


Tannin from the seed pods is used for tanning hides. The wood is used as fuel and to make posts for fences. The chief current human use for A. caven is in the production of charcoal.

The flowers are used in perfume.

Botanical varieties

Acacia caven (Molina)Molina var. caven Pometti CL. et al. 2007. Morphometric analysis of varieties of Acacia caven: :Taxonomic inferences in the context of Argentine species. Pl.Syst. and Evol.264,239-249

Acacia caven var. dehiscens Ciald.

Acacia caven var. microcarpa (Speg.)Ciald.

Acacia caven var. stenocarpa (Speg.)Ciald.

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