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Weinmannia trichosperma


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Weinmannia trichosperma (Tineo), evergreen tree in the family of Cunoniaceae, it is native from Chile and Argentina: 35 to 47 lat. S, It can measure 30 m (100 ft) height and 1 m (3 ft) diameter. Straight trunk. Gray and fissured bark.

Leaves are oppositte composite, very glossy above and green glaucous below, imparipinnate, coriaceous, among every leaflet there are triangular wings giving to every pair a rhomboid outline; it has on the leaves base 2 deciduous stipules. Lamina about 28 x 24 cm, leaflets 0.61.6 x 0.61.0 cm, serrate. It has growth habit of sparse and wide foliage.

Flowers are hermaphrodite, white and in clusters . The calyx 45 sepals, imbricate; corolla composite 35 petals; androecium 8-10 stamens; gynoecium of superior ovaries and 2 carpels with white stigmas.

Fruit: capsule coriaceous, splits in two, obovate, in Autumn it turns loud red, 69 x 2 mm, opening in the middle, between the styles. Seeds ellipsoid, light brown, with scattered white hairs, little (1 x 0.6 mm).

Cultivation and uses

The bark and is useful for tanning leather. It is used as an ornamental tree in Chile. The flowers are used by introduced European bees for producing a very delicious honey. The wood is very beautiful and hard. It thrives in cool and moist climates, this is the reason why it succeeds as ornamental in Northern Ireland, Scotland, some parts of England and also in the North Pacific Coast of the United States.


Weinmannia, for German botanist J. A. Weinmann (1782-1858); trichosperma, from Latin: hairy seeds. And tineo, Mapuche name.

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