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Sophora cassioides


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Sophora cassioides(syn S. macnabiana (Grah.)Skottsb.) is legume tree native to Chile.


Sophora cassioides has been considered in earlier treatment as S.macnabiana or as subspecies of S.microphylla Ait. (S.microphylla subsp. macnabiana Yakovlev) and even as part of the large-leaved kowhai S.tetraptera J.F.Mill. (e.g. S.tetraptera sensu Reiche).


It is an endemic from South Chile and Gough Island

. In South America has been gathered between Constitucion and Puyuhuapi. It prefers shady places into Myrtaceae stands, besides Drymys, Caldcluvia and other hygrophyllous species. Putatives hybrids with S.macrocarpa have been described at Bullileo (Linares). Also, into Coastal range in the association Peumus boldus-Persea lingue


Sophora represents a polyphyletic assemblage, the Tetraptera group (sensu Tsoong et Ma A study of genus Sophora Acta Phytotaxonomica Sinica 19(2): 143-167, 1981 (Chin.)) including S.cassioides and S.macrocarpa forms a monophyletic group with Eurasian species like as S.flavescens Ait. and Asian S.alopecuroides L. (syn S.jaubertii Spach) suggesting, a west or nor-west Pacific origin. Michell AB & Heenan PB 2004 Sophora sect. Edwardsia (Fabaceae): further evidence from mDNA sequence data of a recent and rapid radiation aroud the Southern Oceans Bot J. Linn. Soc. 140:435-441.,Hurr KA, Lockhart PJ, Heenan PB, & Penny D. 1999. Evidence for the recent dispersal of Sophora (Leguminosae) around the Southern Oceans: molecular data. Journal of Biogeography 26:565 The accepted idea that New Zealand is an Ancient continental land mass has been challenged; an isolation of 65-80 Myr is no more attainable. Geologically New Zealand is an oceanic archipelago, although comprising continental crust, that emerged 25 Myr. Chatham Islands emerged 1-3 Myr and the entire flora arrives by dispersal, 9.6-8.9 million year for Sophora (Hurr et al. 1999), a clearer example is Nothofagus, phylogenetic relationship between trans-Tasman species in both Lophozonia and Fucospora can only be explained by mid-to late Tertiary transoceanic dispersal (Knapp et al. 2005)


Heenan PB., Lange PJ de, Wilton AD. 2001. Sophora (Fabaceae) in New Zealand taxonomy, distribution, and biogeography. New Zealand J. Bot. 39: 17-53.

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