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Diego de Almagro II


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Diego de Almagro II , called El Mozo (the lad), was the assassin of Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro. El Mozo, named Diego de Almagro after his father, was the son of the (in)famous Diego de Almagro and a native Panama Indian.


In 1531 El Mozo accompanied his father on the expedition to Peru, which encompassed the north of the Inca Empire. Together with his father, they led about 100 Spanish soldiers while Francisco Pizarro, the leader of the expedition, went south, capturing the Sapa Inca Atahualpa in the Battle of Cajamarca, defeating 80,000 natives with only 167 Spaniards. El Mozo and his father, Diego, went to Cajamarca in 1533, but they received no gold for the capture and pressed to get the Incas executed, which finally happened on July 26. Almagro then accompanied Pizarro to Cuzco and conquered the Inca capital. In 1535, he then went south while Pizarro founded Ciudad de los Reyes . In 1536, Manco Inca besieged Cuzco with 100,000 Inca warriors. Almagro returned from the south, drove them away, and seized power in Cuzco in 1537.


El Mozo swore to avenge his father and on June 26, 1541, he managed to get into Pizarro's palace in Lima with some of his followers and established a coup d'etat in which Francisco Pizarro died in battle. El Mozo was named governor by the conspirators but this failed to be accepted and he fled to Cuzco with his supporters. He was eventually defeated and captured on September 16, 1542 in the battle of Chupas, and executed at the city square after a brief trial.

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