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Chiloe Wigeon


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The Chiloe Wigeon (Anas sibilatrix) is one of three species of wigeon in the dabbling duck genus Anas. Unlike other wigeons, the sexes are similar (though the male is often slightly brighter) and pairs are monogamous. This bird has a metallic green head, and a gray bill with a black tip. Its breast is barred black and white and its sides are orange brown. It has white cheeks and a white forward and also white on its wings. Its length is approximately 18 inches.

The female will lay between 6 and 10 eggs. This duck is rare in the sense that the male will help raise the young.

This duck is found in southern South America, on freshwater lakes, marshes, lagoons and slow flowing rivers. It breeds on The Falkland Islands, Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile. It migrates to southeastern Brazil for the winters. It is an omnivore.

The conservation status of this wigeon is Least Concern.


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