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Anadenanthera colubrina var. colubrina

'''Anadenanthera colubrina var. colubrinais a tree native to Argentina and Brazil. Common names for it include Angico, Angico-brabo-liso, Angico-cambui, Angico-coco, Angico-escuro, Angico-liso, Angico-vermelho, Aperta-ruaoand Cambui-angico'.

Anadenanthera colubrinavar. colubrina'' normally grows to a height of about 10-20m, but occasionally it will be seen up to 30m tall. It can be found growing at an altitude of 100-1200 m in areas with 1200-2000 mm/year annual rainfall.

The tree's bark has a thickness of about 4-10 mm. The outside surface is nearly smooth. It is gray, black speckled and resembles snake skin, after which it was once given a scientific designation. This tree has recoreded medicinal uses and the bark contains 16.4% tannin. The wood is hard to very hard and it has a density of 0.80-1.10 g/cm. It is used for firewood, charcoal, floors, beams, posts, stakes, boat construction and general construction.

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