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Telephone numbers in Venezuela

'''Country Code: +58'International Call Prefix: 00'Trunk Prefix: 0

The Venezuelan Numbering Plan is an open telephone numbering plan with three-digit area codes and seven-digit telephone numbers that directs telephone calls to particular regions on a public switched telephone network (PSTN) or to a mobile telephone network, where they are further routed by the local network. The last revision of the current numbering plan is September 21st, 2000.

Example call:

5551212 (within Caracas) 02125551212

+58 212'5551212 (outside Venezuela)

Other Numbers

Numbers starting with 1XX specify a particular carrier to route a call to (XXX denotes the carrier code).

Numbers starting with 5 are region-free and are treated as local calls wherever the calling party is dialing from (within Venezuela only'').

Numbers starting with 8 are toll free numbers.

Numbers starting with 9 are assigned to premium rate services.

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Compania Anonima Nacional de Telefonos de Venezuela

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