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Victor Llona

Victor Llona Gastaneta was a writer and translator, born in Lima (Peru) in 1886, who died in San Francisco in 1953.

The Peruvian Victor Marie Llona grew up in Paris were he attended the lycee Janson de Sailly and also a Jesuit college. At sixteen he started visiting the literary cafes, where he met an international company, so diverse that they spoke Latin to be understood by all. The eldest of the group was an Irishman, named James Joyce (1882-1941).

In 1906, with his parents, Llona moved to the US and lived in Chicago. He remained in touch with Europe and through Andre Gide he had two of his short stories published in the Nouvelle revue francaise (1911 and 1913). Llona came back to Paris in 1913 but when the war broke out he returned to the US and lived in New York, where he made the acqaintance of several novelists of the new generation. He decided that he would make them known in France.

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