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Mercurio Peruano

Topics: History of Peru

Mercurio Peruano is the most important newspaper of the Peruvian Enlightenment. Created by a circle of young intellectuals they were published between 1790 and 1795 more than 400 numbers in which one treated the most diverse matters. Nevertheless, it is easy to sum his principal topic up: to make to know Peru and to illustrate the Peruvians. That's why, the Mercurio Peruano not only was a big newspaper of the Century of the Lights but also the first clearly Peruvian newspaper. Jean-Pierre Clement, Professor of Literature and Spanish and Spanish-American Civilization in the University of Poitiers, has dedicated more than 20 years to the study of the Mercurio Peruano and presents now a summary of his accompanied investigaciones of a selection of typical articles. Clement deals so much with the technical and administrative questions of the Mercurio Peruano as with his content.

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