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Guaman Poma

Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala , also known as Guaman Poma or Huaman Poma, was an indigenous Peruvian who became disillusioned with the treatment of the native peoples of the Andes by the Spanish after conquest.Adorno, Rolena. Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayalas Nueva coronica y buen gobierno (New Chronicle and Good Government). Early Ibero/Ango Americanist Summit: New World Antiquities and Histories. (retrieved 8 Sept 2009) Today, Guaman Poma is noted for his illustrated chronicle, Nueva Coronica y Buen Gobierno.

Guaman Poma himself appears as a plaintiff in a series of lawsuits from the late 1590s in which he attempted to recover land and political title in the Chupas valley that he believed to be his by family right. These suits ultimately proved disastrous for him; not only did he lose the suits, but in 1600 he was stripped of all his property and forced into exile from the towns that he had once ruled as a noble.

Guaman Poma notably attacks Murua in his Coronica, even depicting the friar striking and kicking an indigenous woman seated at a loom. This image is entitled "The Mercedarian friar Martin de Murua abuses his parishioners and takes justice into his own hands." According to Rolena Adorno, "...when he became an author, after 1600, [Guaman Poma] was highly critical of a work by Murua that he had recently illustrated. Guaman Poma was prompted to write his own account against what he understood to be Murua's limited perspective, which he had encountered in [the original manuscript of Historia general del Piru]. Guaman Poma extended Andean history back in time of the era predating the Inca, and he also elaborated a long and highly critical survey of colonial society such as no other chronicle of his time produced. Guaman Poma's artistic repertoire, which was displayed in his own work in the creation of nearly four hundred drawings, drew upon the formative experience he had gained while working with Murua, but it also developed in new directions to reveal a strong polemical and satirical bent that was directed against the abuses perpetrated under colonial rule...Although the evidence suggests that they worked independently after 1600, the efforts of Murua and Guaman Poma can never be separated, and their talents, individually and together, produced three distinctive testimonies to the interaction between missionary author and indigenous artist-cum-author in early colonial Peru."

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