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Liga Deportiva Universitaria (Quito)

Liga Deportiva Universitaria (LDU) is a professional futbol club from the city of Quito, the capital of Ecuador.

Considered one of the best teams in Ecuadorean football. Plays in the first division A of the Ecuadorean football league. Liga has 9 national titles, and several participations in Copa Libertadores de America, and Copa Sudamericana.

Among its classic rivals one can mention Sociedad Deportiva Aucas, Club Deportivo El Nacional , Sociedad Deportivo Quito from Quito, and Barcelona Sporting Club from Guayaquil.



Liga was

Founded January 12th, 1930, by a group of students and professionals from the Universidad Central del Ecuador. The team started as a semi-pro from the University in the year 1918, having Dr. Cesar Jacome Moscoso as the main leader. In 1930, having Dr. Bolivar Leon as president, everything started. In those days Liga had different sports such as: soccer, basketball, athletics, box, baseball, swimming, ping-pong, and chess.

The starting budget was around 500 sucres. That first team had as players students from Universidad Central, who had to pay their own uniforms, medicines, and various expenses. Dr. Leon, had to design the first uniform, a white shirt with a red U having a background two triangles, one blue and another red, pretty similar to the University's chest.

The first players were: Carlos Andrade Marin, Oswaldo Mosquera, Alfonso Cevallos, Alfonso Troya, "el mono" Icaza, among others.

The First Years

In 1932, a first category championship was played in Pichincha province. This tournament was played by five teams: Liga, Gladiador, Gimnastico, Atletic and Cleveland. Liga won all games, and in the final game against Gladiador, played in the City Stadium of "El Ejido", won 4 - 0. In that team the players were: Jorge Zapater, Eduardo Flores, Alfonso Cevallos, Cesar Gonzalez, Jorge Vallarino, Jorge Naranjo, Bolivar "Nato" Leon, Alejandro Davalos, Humberto Yanez, Humberto Freire and Ernesto Guevara, the coach was Bolivar Leon. That's how Liga won the first title in its history.

1945 The First Super Classic

February 11th, 1945, a game played by Liga and Aucas will become the most important game in the province, and the second most important in Ecuador, The Super Classic was born. That first game ended witha tied score 1 - 1. The Pichincha Football Association decided to give an opportunity to one of its teams to raise in to the first category. Everything looked like Aucas was going to dominate and win the game easily. However Liga was the team that ruled the game. Days later, Sunday February 18th, those two teams met again. Th score ended 2 - 2. Liga was ahead in the score 2 - 0. Aucas scored, and when the 90 minutes were over, the time keeper ended the game, however the referee didn't noticed and let the game continue for two minutes more, that's when Aucas scored again. The assistants to the game were crazy and didn't let the game continue with the next two supplementary times unless the referee was changed. Finally the game restarted, but the score remain the same. The people started to argue that both teams deserved to go to the next category, or non of them. As a curious fact, that year Liga had its first foreign player and coach, El "Chile" Diaz.

The team since 1990

LDU has had a lot of achievements on the last 18 years winning 6 of its 9 national titles in this period. The team has been important for the growth and development of the Ecuadorian football internationally as well, being an important contributor to the Ecuadorian national team that qualified and participated in the FIFA World Cups: Korea-Japan 2002 and Germany 2006. In the 2006 edition they were the team that contributed with the most players in a squad from a Southamerican club with a total of 7 including former Liga goalkeeper Cristian Mora, former Liga defenders Neicer Reasco and Giovanny Espinoza, Paul Ambrossi, Patricio Urrutia, Agustin Delgado and former Liga midfielder Edison Mendez.

Other important contributions and achievements of the team in the last years have been the contribution to the U-17 national team that obtained the first official title in Ecuadorian history: the 2007 Pan American Games. They contributed with at least 4 U-17 players in that squad: Deison Mendez, Pablo Ochoa, Carlos Delgado and Israel Chango.

Another important achievement of Liga in the last 18 years was getting the 3rd place in the Copa Sudamericana in 2004.


Campeonato Ecuatoriano de Futbol

*Champion [9] : 1969, 1974, 1975, 1990, 1998, 1999, 2003, 2005, 2007

Participations in CONMEBOL tournaments

*Copa Libertadores: (13 Participations) 1970, 1975, 1976, 1978, 1982, 1991, 1999, 2000, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008.

*Best tournament: 4 in 1976 (semifinal)

*Copa Sudamericana: (5 Participations) 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006,2008.

*Best tournament: 3 in 2004 Semifinals

Current first team squad(2008)

External links

Official Site: http://www.ldu.com.ec

Muerte Blanca: http://www.muerteblanca.com.ec

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