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Club Social y Deportivo Macara


Tecnico Universitario es nuestro Papa. Gracias rodillo por darnos buen ejemplo.

The Club Social y Deportivo Macara, el idolo de Ambato is a soccer club based in Ambato, Ecuador. Their home is the Bellavista Stadium in Ambato, Ecuador, which they share with city rivals Club Deportivo Tecnico Universitario. It was founded on August 27 1942. Its first President was professor Vicente Alvarez. Him and his friends were reunited at Juan Benigno Vela and Quito Street. They chose the name 'Macara' as a tribute to the border city which was a stronghold in the 1941 war against Peru. The sky blue color on their jersey was chosen as a sign of admiration and to resemble on the field, the powerful Uruguayan National Team, first Olympic and World Champion.

Sitio official (official website) WWW.MACARA.BRAVEHOST.COM

Famous players

Italo Estupinan

Romulo Dudar Mina

Daniel Garrido

Jacinto Espinoza

Luis Miguel Garces

Christian Jose Botero

German Leguia

Washington Aires


For the second half of the ecuadorian Campeonato Nacional Macara started with Roque Raul Alfaro as coach, but lack of positive results had him and the team in a very difficult position. The base of national players had a fairly good performance in most of the games, particularly Luis M. Garces, Marvin Pita and goalkeeper Jacinto Espinoza, not to mention U18 players, one of which just returned form the Panamerican Games in Rio de Janeiro with a gold medal; but the problem wasn't the nationals, the problems came from the foreign legion, with the exception of defender Matias Gonzales, who even scored a few times, the rest where a disappointment. Paraguayan striker Fabio Escobar was unstable, some games he had solid performances, like the one against Barcelona S.C in Guayaquil, where he performed his tactic role of distracting the opposites defense very well, but when it came to scoring, he wasted most of his chances, but to be fair, it might have been more the coaches fault for giving him duties he was not used to. Worst case was Mariano Monroy, he never found his place on the field and he looked lost in every single game he played; Lezcano wasn't everything the team needed him to be. With that scenario, team's management decided it was time to part ways with Roque Raul Alfaro. After he left, they signed Argentinian Raul Urquiza, who did a much better job on the last strecht of the tournament, lining up players that were overlooked by the former coach and contributing to the development of a more effective play, which reached its peak at Ibarra's Olympic Stadium on 3 October 2007, when Macara's offensive power burst in full force, scoring 4 goals in the first half and receiving just 1 in the second. Now, both teams were at risk of descending to section B of ecuadorian first division, Macara had a better goal difference and there was still one more game left, another very favourable fact was that Imbabura had to play away against Deportivo Azogues in the south part of the country and Macara was hosting Emelec in Bellevista Stadium in Ambato. With a large number of fans cheering for them on 7 October 2007 and confirming their good moment, they defeated Emelec 2-0 and Macara had for the second year in a row, kept its place on the premier section of Ecuador's Campeonato Nacional.

Considering that, next tournament would be much more competitive, given that there will be 2 more teams, game attendance is a must, because it's key to a team's spirit and positive attitude on the field, as well as from the city's business community where Macara has many fans and which could be a positive contributor in order to form a strong, competitive group of players.


Goaltenders/Year Born/Place Of Birth/Weight/Height

Jacinto Espinoza 24/11/1969, Bahia de Caraquez 86 1.77

Juan Molina 10/09/1982, Ambato 71 1.83

Wilmer Zumba 18/12/1978, Machala 90 1.81


Mellington Guerrero 06/11/1978, Santo Domingo 68 1.68

Kelvin Castro 31/03/1981, Portoviejo 60 1.82

Mariano Mina 03/03/1979, Guayaquil 86 1.82

Juan Guerron 21/10/1983, El Chota 71 1.81

Carlos Arroyo 18/10/1985, San Lorenzo 71 1.76

Carlos Quinonez 09/09/1982, Esmeraldas 72 1.78

Javier Delgado 10/01/1982, Ambato 73 1.73

Orly Klinger 10/02/1980, Manta 76 1.72


Angel Escobar 20/03/1982, Guayaquil 76 1.74

Gustavo Nazareno 01/04/1985, San Lorenzo 75 1.75

Pedro Vera 20/04/1984, Presidente Franco 74 1.76

Danny Villigua 23/05/1982, Manta 68 1.75

Pedro Esterilla 28/10/1984, Esmeraldas 66 1.74

Javier Molina 15/09/1978, Los Rios 64 1.64

Cesar Barre 13/03/1983, Manta 75 1.77

Ricardo Ortiz 22/08/1983, Asuncion 71 1.72

Marvin Pita 17/04/1985, Portoviejo 72 1.75


Fabio Escobar 15/02/1983, Asuncion 81 1.81

Christian Bottero 31/01/1977, Argentina 77 1.70

Josias Cardoso 07/11/1981, Brasilia 73 1.81

Luis M. Garces 08/12/1982, Puerto Bolivar 70 1.67

Marcelo Cespedes 23/07/1986, Ambato 77 1.78

Dario Gongora 09/06/1991, Machala 73 1.76


Juan Urquiza

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