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The Raizals are a Protestant Afro-Caribbean ethnic group, speaking the San Andres-Providencia Creole, an English Creole, living in the Archipelago of San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina, presently the Colombian San Andres y Providencia Department, off the Nicaraguan Miskito Coast. They are recognized by the Colombian authorities as one of the Afro-Colombian ethnic groups under the multicultural policy pursued since 1991.

In 1903 the local Raizal population rejected an offer from the USA to separate from Colombia as Panama had done. However, the policy followed by successive Colombian governments of trying to modify the ethnic composition by promoting extensive migration of Spanish-speaking mainland Colombians resulted in increasing discontent, especially when, in 1947, the assimilation policy was led by Catholic missions.

There are nowadays, according to a document from the Colombian government, two trends among the Raizals: a radical one, the Pueblo Indigena Raizal, represented by the Indigenous Native Organizations, among whom Amen, Barraca New Face, Infaunas (a Rastafarian-inspired group of farmers and fishermen), Ketna (Ketlenan National Association) and the SOS Foundation, and a more moderate one, Comunidad Raizal (Native Foundation and Integracion Basica) led by former governors who are friends of the Colombian establishment, mainly Felix Palacios, Carlos Archbold and Alvaro Archbold N. This latter group is understandably more ready to participate in bipartite institutions set up by the Colombian authorities .

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