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Quechuas is the the collective term for several ethnic groups in South America who speak a Quechua language (Southern Quechua mainly), belonging to several ethnic groups in South America, above all in Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.

The Quechuas of Ecuador call themselves as well as their language Kichwa - Kichwas or Quichuas. The Kichwa-speaking group in Colombia are the Ingas. Other Quechua speakers call themselves Runakuna .

Up to the present time Quechuas continue to be victims of political conflicts and ethnic persecution. In the Peruvian civil war of the 1980s between the government and Sendero Luminoso about three quarters of the estimated 70,000 death toll were Quechuas, whereas the war parties were without exception whites and mestizos.Orin Starn: Villagers at Arms: War and Counterrevolution in the Central-South Andes. In Steve Stern (ed.): Shining and Other Paths: War and Society in Peru, 19801995. Duke University Press, Durham und London, 1998, ISBN 0-8223-2217-X

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