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Mestizo is a colonial Spanish and Portuguese (Mestico) term that was used in the Spanish Empire and Portuguese Empire in Latin America to refer to people of mixed European and Amerindian ancestry.

In the early stages of racial intermingling in the Americas, if a child was born in wedlock, the child was considered and raised as a member of the prominent parent's ethnicity (See Hyperdescent). Often, the term "Mestizo" was associated with illegitimacy, however, it evolved in the ensuing centuries. According to historians Michael C. Meyer and William L. Sherman, early in the 16th century Spanish colonial usage of the term mestizo "was almost synonymous with bastard" (illegitimate child).

Mestizos do not appear in large numbers in official censuses until the second half of the seventeenth century, when a sizable and stable community of mixed-race people with no claims to being either Indian or Spanish appeared, although, of course, a large population of biological Mestizos had already existed for over a century in Mexico.

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