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Colombian people

Colombian people or colombos are from a multiethnic Spanish speaking nation in South America called Colombia. Colombians are predominantly Roman Catholic and are or a mixture of Europeans, Africans, and Amerindians.

More than two-thirds of all Colombians live in urban areas a figure significantly higher than the world average. The literacy rate (94 percent) in Colombia is also well above the world average, and the rate of population growth is slightly higher than the world average. Also, a large proportion of Colombians are young, largely because of recent decreases in the infant mortality rate. While 33 percent of the people are 14 years of age or younger, just 4 percent are aged 65 or older.

The country has a diverse population that reflects its colourful history and the peoples that have populated here from ancient times to the present. The historic amalgam of the different main groups forms the basics of Colombia's current demographics: European immigrants, Amerindian peoples, Africans, Asians, Middle Easterners and other recent immigrants.

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