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Nolana (Chilean Bell Flower) is a genus of hard annual or perennial plants in the Nightshade family, which is native of costal areas in Chile and Peru.


There are a number of synonyms for Nolana: Alibrexia, Aplocarya, Bargemontia, Dolia, Gubleria, Leloutrea, Neudorfia, Osteocarpus, Pachysolen, Periloba, Rayera, Sorema, Teganium, Tula, Velpeaulia, Walberia, and Zwingera.

Nolana is the only genus in the Solanaceae which has a fruit composed of mericarps, although its flower and other vegetative morphology is similar to other plants in this family. It seems to be most closely related to Lycium and Grabowskia.

Select species included

Nolana acuminata

Nolana tenella

Nolana atriplicifolia

Nolana crassulifolia

Nolana humifusa

Nolana prostrata

Nolana rupicola

Nolana sedifolia

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Nolana supplement from Michael O. Dillon & Jun Wen of the Field Museum, Chicago, IL. Includes photos of flowers and fruit.

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