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Licancabur is a highly symmetrical stratovolcano on the southernmost part of the border between Chile and Bolivia. It is located just southwest of Laguna Verde in Bolivia and northwest of Juriques volcano. The summit crater is about 400 m wide and contains a 70 by 90 m crater lake which is ice-covered most of the year. This is one of the highest lakes in the world, and despite air temperatures which can drop to -30 °C, it contains planktonic fauna.

Licancabur's most recent volcanic activity produced extensive lava flows which extend 6 km down the northwest and southwest flanks, with older lava flows reaching 15 km and pyroclastic flow deposits as far as 12 km from the peak. Extensive Inca ruins are located at the summit, providing proof of pre-Columbian ascents as well as evidence for a lack of major eruptions over the past 500–1,000 years.

Licancabur is a Cunza word that the indigenous people of this area used to refer to themselves as well as to the volcano.


  • Smithsonian Global Volcanism Program: Licancabur
  • (in Spanish; also includes volcanoes of Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru)
  • NASA Licancabur Expedition: Exploring the Highest Lakes on Earth
  • The Highest Lakes in the World

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