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Cerro Sombrero

Cerro Sombrero (Spanish for "Hat Hill") is a village in southern Chile, in the Primavera commune, on the Northern part of Tierra del Fuego, in Magallanes Region, about 125 km from Porvenir. According to the 2002 census, it had 687 inhabitants.

The village is located near a small hill from which it received its name. It was founded in 1958 as a residential and services centre for the National Petroleum Company, ENAP, in Tierra del Fuego, with over 150 houses, and equipped with a gymnasium, swimming pool, botanical garden, movie theatre, church, hospital, airport, warehouses, supermarket, restaurant, lodgings and gas station, in addition to the ENAP offices. (Cullen is another important ENAP settlement in Tierra del Fuego.)

This settlement is a natural entry point to the Chilean-Argentine Tierra del Fuego area. Nearby is Bahia Lomas, a place of biotic importance within the region. Bird watchers will enjoy the nesting places for a wide variety of shorebird species, both resident as well as migratory.

Rio del Oro, near Porvenir, just in the middle of the Tierra del Fuego steppe, is a popular fishing area for a variety of trout.

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