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INVAP S.E. is an Argentine high-technology company indirectly owned by the federal government dedicated to research and development in areas of high complexity such as nuclear energy, space technology, industrial technology, and medical and scientific equipment.

It was created in 1976 within an agreement between the government of the Rio Negro Province and the National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA).

The seat of the company is located in San Carlos de Bariloche, though its personnel work in different projects around the world.

INVAP is the only company in Argentina qualified by NASA (the US Aeronautics and Space Administration) for complete space projects In this field, INVAP has shown its proficiency as constructor of satellites, payloads and ground stations with the SAC satellite family, developed for the Argentine space agency CONAE, being the only company in Latin America with full life cycle capabilities, from design and development through mission control and operation support.

As of 2007, INVAP directly employs 360 persons, a figure that locally reaches close to 700 when a number of associated firms, contractors and suppliers are added.

Nuclear reactors

INVAP has constructed and installed the following nuclear reactors worldwide:

Other projects commissioned

Satellites and space research payload for CONAE

Hangar doors for the Argentine Navy destroyer ARA Hercules

Systems for early detection of forest fires

2D radars for the Argentine Air Force

Maritime control simulators

Wind Power

Medical Equipment

Dry-freeze plants, for preservation of fruits and vegetables.

Storage solutions for irradiated nuclear fuel from NPP and Research Reactors.

Radioisotope processing plants.

Petrochemical plants.

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