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Atucha I nuclear power plant

Atucha I is one of two operational nuclear power plants of Argentina. It is located in the town of Lima, Zarate, province of Buenos Aires, about 100 km from Buenos Aires City, on the right-hand shore of the Parana de las Palmas River.

The plant is a Pressurised Heavy Water Reactor (PHWR). It employs a mixture of natural uranium and enriched uranium (0.85% of 235U), with heavy water for cooling and neutron moderation. It has a thermal power of 1,179 MWth, and generates 357 MWe of electricity, which is delivered at 220 kilovolts to the Argentine Interconnection System, supplying about 2.5% of the total electricity production (2005).

Atucha I was started in 1968 and began operation in 1974; it was the first nuclear power plant in Latin America. When nearly built in 1973, Atucha I was taken over by fifteen guerrillas for publicity purposes. They quickly overpowered five armed guards, and wounded two other guards whom they encountered while withdrawing.

As of November 2006, Atucha I is off-line pending repairs to a heat exchanger since September 21, 2006 [*].

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