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Cachi is a small city in Salta Province Argentina. It is the capital of the Cachi Department.


Although it is often stated that the name is derived from Quechuan and means salt since "the snow of this hill reminds of the color of salt," it is more likely that the name is of Cacan etymology : kak (stone) - chi (silence): silent stone.


Cachi is found in the northern sector of the

Calchaqui Valleys, at the foot of the Nevado de Cachi that flanks it from the west. The Cafayate, La Poma, Tolombon, Santa Maria, etc.) and places of interest like the Salar de Pipanaco


The dynamic demographics are important: in 2001, 5254 people were counted, a 17.62% increase over the last census in 1991. Two factors have contributed to the increase: the high birth rate and the movement of people from Salta, Tucuman and Buenos Aires to the region.


The population is found surrounded by imposing snow-covered mountains reaching as much as 5,000 meters. The temperature is usually mild and the skies are almost always clear, making the region ideal for mountain climbing. The architecture of the small city is principally of colonial Spanish style with adobe homes painted white and built over bases of rock, sporting antique window grills forged of iron. In the Central Plaza is the Church of Chachi, a recognized National Historical Monument, built in the sixteenth century with an exterior from the nineteenth century. Its beams, alters and confession booths are all carved from the porous wood of the European Holly. The front of the plaza is the main entrance to the Pio Pablo Diaz Archaeological Museum. This museum contains more than 5,000 pieces covering a time period of 10,000 years with a majority covering the time period between 800 BC and 1600 AD. 10 kilometers to the south-southwest of Cachi lies the important ruins of Puerta de La Paya.

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