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La Falda

La Falda is a town in the , located 79 km from Cordoba City and 800 km from Buenos Aires. It has about 15,000 inhabitants as of the .

La Falda lies at the foot of two small mountains (Cerro El Cuadrado and Cerro La Banderita), and it is part of an important touristic circuit of the province (the Punilla Valley). The Punilla Department includes other touristic sites like Villa Carlos Paz, Los Cocos, La Cumbre and Capilla del Monte.

La Falda is home to the historic "Eden Hotel" (now a public part and historic site/museum that does not host hotel guests) which was visited by Albert Einstein. Horses and horse drawn carriages can be rented very inexpensively at the top of Avenue Eden near the entrance of Hotel Eden and they will take tourists on a tour of spectacular historical home sites, most of which are occupied today from the 1920-1940s featuring mixed mountain architectural styles from European influences. Another way to see the city sites is to take the "tourist train" which tours the city in the summer months boarding near the city square and park and features "Barney" style costume characters for the kids.

The main street and hub of activity for the town is "Avenue Eden" and it has many shops, restaurants and artisan stores. Avenue Eden is often blocked off to car traffic in the evenings during the summer months for pedestrian traffic, concerts, children's shows and other events. These events include a nationally famous Tango Festival in November, an antique automobile shows, numerous music festivals from rock to traditional tunes.

Beyond Eden Avenue, there are a large number of attractions to see. Famous attractions in La Falda include the 7 Cascades. This beautiful natural park also hosts a large public swimming pool and visitors can wade into the river at the base of the waterfalls. Another famed site is "El Silenco" which is a colonial castle of the XVII century featuring unique architecture, fishing and observation of trout and it is situated six miles from La Falda downtown. Biologically minded folks will enjoy, "Tatu Carreta", an Ecological Park & Zoo, which is located 5 miles from the downtown on the route toward Cordoba City. It is a drive thru "safari" style zoological experience with hundreds of local and exotic animal species wandering in the park. Other popular local activities include para sailing, 4x4 off roading /road rallies, camping, hiking, mountain biking on numerous scenic trails, fishing, and dove hunting.

For craft and bargain hunters, during summer months there are often tents/flea market style booths with artisan crafts from all over Argentina along the old railroad tracks at the bottom of Avenue Eden.

However, the most famous reason for visiting La Falda is just relaxation and sight seeing...after all, "La Falda," translated into English, means "The Lap" which describes it being nestled at the base of a beautiful mountain setting and its ability to cradle visitors in a quaint mountain setting. To really appreciate the view, follow the dirt road that starts at Hotel Eden and travel up the mountain is a spectacular drive winding uphill to a scenic overlook of the entire city. Although its not paved, it is groomed and suitable for standards cars in all but the heaviest of rain.


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