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Liberalism in Peru

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This article gives an overview of liberalism in Peru. It is limited to liberal parties with substantial support, mainly proved by having had a representation in parliament. The sign means a reference to another party in that scheme. For inclusion in this scheme it isn't necessary so that parties labeled themselves as a liberal party.


Traditional liberalism wasn't successful in Peru. From time to time there existed more or less liberal parties. The Popular Action (Accion Popular) and the Union for Peru (Union por el Peru) are nowadays more or less liberal parties.

The timeline

Democratic Party

1884: Nicolas de Pierola founded the Democratic Party (Partido Democrata), which comes to power in 1895.

1920s: The party disappeared.

National Union

1891: Manuel Gonzalez Prada and others established the progressive liberal National Union (National Union).

1900: a faction seceded as the Liberal Party.

1901: The party disappeared.

Liberal Party

1900: Augusto Durand left the National Union and formed the Liberal Party (Partido Liberal).

1925: The party disappeared.

Popular Action

1956: The Popular Action (Accion Popular) is formed. This partt developed under its leader Fernando Belaunde Terry into a conservative liberal party.

1974: The party is banned.

1976: The party is reconstituted.

Liberty Movement

1987: Mario Vargas Llosa formed the Liberty Movement (Movimiento Libertad). The party is also known as Liberal Party (Partido Liberal).

Union for Peru

1994: Former UN secretary general Javier Perez de Cuellar established the Union for Peru (Union por el Peru), a centre left more or less liberal party.

Liberal leaders


Liberal thinkers

In the Contributions to liberal theory the following Peruvian thinker is included:

Hernando de Soto (1941- )



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