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Mariano Eduardo de Rivero y Ustariz

Mariano Eduardo de Rivero y Ustariz was a prominent Peruvian scientist, geologist, mineralogist, chemist, archaeologist, politician and diplomat. His publications about his discovery of Humboldtine (an iron-oxalate), demonstrating the existence of organic-minerals, about deposits of copper and sodium nitrate (saltpeter) near Tarapaca in the Atacama desert (today Chile), about bird-guano and coal in Peru and their possibilities of industrialization as well were forward-looking and made him a pioneer of mining education in South America and the most notable Peruvian scientist of the 19th century. He published many scientific articles and books about that.

Mariano Eduardo de Rivero y Ustariz was born in Arequipa, Peru. His parents were Antonio Salvador de Rivero y Aranibar, captain in the Spanish Royal Army in the viceroyalty of Peru, and Maria Brigida de Ustariz y Zuniga. Mariano Eduardo married February 18, 1840 Agueda Escolastica Pacheco de Salas y Salazar. They had four children, but only their daughters Candelaria and Francisca Guillermina survived childhood.

Mariano Eduardo began his education in the Seminary of San Jeronimo, Arequipa. As a brilliant student his parents decided in 1810 to send him in the age of twelve for a scientific study to Europe. In London visited Mariano Eduardo the independent school in Highgate (Highgate School), directed by Dr. Dowling. He focused his studies there on mathematics, physics and languages . He continued his studies 1817 in Paris in the Royal Mining School where he studied mineralogy and chemistry. During that time he met as well some famous scientists, like Joseph Louis Proust, Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac and Alexander von Humboldt. When he finished his studies at the Royal Mining School, he decided in 1821 to visit some mines in the mining areas of England, France, Germany and Spain, where he learned about the usual mining techniques.

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