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Ecuadorian Briton

Ecuadorian Britons are people of Ecuadorian ancestry living in the United Kingdom (born and/ or raised in the UK), they can be either British citizens or non-citizen immigrants. The Ecuadorian British community numbers around 80,000, making it one of the largest in the Ecuadorian diaspora, with only two other European country having a larger Ecuadorian community - Spain with almost 430,000 and Italy, with slightly less. [*]

The first Ecuadorians began arriving in the United Kingdom in the late 1900s, with the majority of them being political refugees fleeing from political persecution and military dictatorships, like many of the other Latin American Communties. However, over the past decade, the Ecuadorian community in the UK has rocketed from a few thousand to almost 100,000, with the majority of recent immigrants being attracted to the UK lifestyle, including better job prospects. The Guardian claims that Latin Americans are one of the fastest growing ethnic group in the UK. The majority of Ecuadorians have had to learn English after migrating to the UK, as the vast majority of them speak only Spanish or other indigenous languages of Ecuador. The Hispanic and Ecuadorian culture has had a major impact in London, where hundreds of Hispanic stores and stalls can be found in markets, streets and shopping centres across the city. People can purchase exotic fruits, foods, clothing and other Hispanic products in such places as Brixton Market, Seven Sister Markets, and shopping centres in Elephant and Castle and Peckham Rye, where Latin American culture dominates the retail scene.

The Ecuadorian British community is a fairly large one, standing at almost 100,000, which is roughly 0.15% of the UK's population, and just under 10% of the UK's Latin American population. Like many Latin American communities in the UK, Ecuadorians have only began to emmerge recently, with the overwhealming majority residing in London. Percentage wise the Ecuadorian British community is almost identical to the Ecuadorian American community.

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