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Olaya Herrera Airport

Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport is an airport located in Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia, near the center of the city. The airport is named for Enrique Olaya Herrera, President of Colombia from 1930-1934.


Olaya Herrera was formerly the main international airport serving the City of Medellin and its surrounding areas until the construction of Jose Maria Cordova International Airport in the southern suburb of Rionegro, Antioquia, Colombia, located about 38 km (23.75 Miles) from the city center. The Airport was once the headquarters and main base of operations for the now defunct Colombian airlines of ACES Colombia and West Caribbean Airways. ACES ceased operations in 2003 due to financial difficulties and its routes were taken over by national partner, Avianca, which moved all operations to Cordova airport. West Caribbean began suffering from financial difficulties in late 2004 and shut down all operations in September 2005, mainly due to two major air crashes, one of which received international attention. After the West Caribbean crashes the Civil Aviation Authority of Colombia stripped West Caribbean and two other airlines (Intercontinal de Aviacion and Aerotaca) of their rights to operate under Colombian law after each of these failed to pass operational inspections. All three airlines were former tenants of Olaya Herrera.

Despite no longer having scheduled international flights, Olaya Herrera Airport retained its international status, partly because the airport was once the major international airport serving Medellin, even though the airport does not have customs and immigration personnel which will not allow for any charter and private international flights to occur.

The airport installed numerous large television screens provided by Scala, [*] in the main terminal. These screens are meant to provide passengers with up to date arrival and departure information but are also designed to entertain passengers with music and Adobe Flash animations. They are meant to replace the old flight information system which was not electronically controlled.

Airlines and destinations

Scheduled services

Charter services

Heliandes (Helicopter Charters)

Searca Colombia (Charter Airline)

Sarpa (Charter Airline)

Helicol (Helicopter Charters)

TAC Colombia (Charter Airline)

Accidents and incidents

On 31 March 1991, Vickers Viscount HK-1708 of Intercontinental de Aviacion was damaged beyond economic repair while on a flight from El Dorado International Airport to Gustavo Rojas Pinilla International Airport. Both artificial horizons failed in turbulence at . Control of the aircraft was regained at and a successful emergency landing was made. The lower main spar was found to have cracked. The aircraft had previously suffered a gear collapse on 14 February 1988.

On June 24, 1935, internationally renowned Argentinian tango singer Carlos Gardel and a group of his musicians were killed in a collision between two small airplanes at the Olaya Herra Airport.

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