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Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport

Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport also known as Palmaseca International Airport is an airport located in Palmira, Colombia, serving Cali and its suburbs. It is Colombia's second largest airport in terms of passengers, transporting 2,474,951 in 2008. Cali airport is the alternative airport to Bogota Eldorado airport and other Colombian airports.

Alfonso Bonilla Aragon is located in a long valley that runs from north to south, and is surrounded by mountains up to 14,000 feet high. An (H24) airport strategically located in the Western Hemisphere for flights of the transcontinental zone of the pacific coast that connects North America with South America. It is located at approximately 5 hours flight from Santiago de Chile, 50 minutes from Quito, Ecuador, and 3 hours 18 minutes to Miami airport.

The airport has one runway, 9,842 feet (3000 m) in length. This runway is paved, and at an elevation of 3,162 feet (964 m). The runway can serve aircraft up to the size of a Boeing 747. It is equipped with the following navigation aids: Primary radar, secondary radar, ILS, ALS, PAPI, VOR, NDB, DME, RVR, center lights, threshold lights, and taxiway lights. The airport has a SEI IX protection.

Alfonso Bonilla airport is notable in that it is one of the few secondary airports in Latin America open 24 hours a day. Airport meteorological conditions are excellent, it is in operation at all the time during the year. The nearest city is Cali at 12 miles away, which allow the airport to operates without any environmental restrictions. Daily it has direct flights to the United States and Europe and others international connecting flights.


El Guabito: The first airport in cali was located within a military base called "El Guabito." The airport was inaugurated on September 21 1933, with mixed commercial and military operations.

Calipuerto: As air traffic increased, it became necessary to separate military and commercial aviation operations. As a result, a new airport was built in the middle of the Cauca Valle to the southeast of Cali, inaugurated on April 17, 1943.

Palmaseca International Airport: When Cali was awarded the hosting of the 1971 Panamerican games local authorities decided to build a new airport capable of handling the air traffic generated by the event. The site chosen was near the village of Palmaseca, roughly in the middle of the Cauca valley between Palmira and Cali. The airport was inaugurated on July 24 1971, and save a few minor modifications has not been changed at all, testament to the accuracy of long-term air traffic and passenger volume planning.

Accidents and incidents

On 21 January 1974, a Vickers Viscount of Aeropesca Colombia was hijacked and diverted to Cali.

On December 20, 1995, American Airlines Flight 965 on route from Miami to Bonilla Airport crashed into a mountain near Cali due to pilot error.

Airlines and destinations

Cargo Airlines

Tampa Cargo

Arrow Cargo

Atlas Air


Lineas Aereas Suramericanas


Official Airport Site

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