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Colombian football league system

Colombian football league system

Colombian Professional football also knows as COPA MUSTANG


The Mustang Cup setup is split into two stages, the Apertura or Opening (which is also known as Copa Mustang I) and the Finalizacion or Closing (also known as Copa Mustang II). The apertura takes place during the first half of the year and the finalizacion during the second half. The Cup has three stages: the League Stage, the Group Stage, and the Playoff Stage.

The League Stage

During the league stage which lasts eighteen games, each team plays against every other team once, plus an additional game against their 'local rival' in the league. The league table is kept like a normal European league table, one point for ties three points for wins. The top eight teams after all of the eighteen games go on to the group stage (which is popularly known as the Cuadrangulares).

' The Group Stage

The top eight teams of the league stage are then divided into two groups of four teams each , and each team plays two legged matches against all of the other teams in their group. The top team from each group then advances to the Playoff Stage.

The Playoff Stage - The Final

The Playoff stage is two-legged. The team with the highest combined score after both home and away games wins and is crowned Champion. If the game is a tie it proceeds directly to definition in a penalty shoot-out. The away goals rule is not used.

Historically Top Clubs Achievements'

1 Millonarios 13 Stars (championships) 9 times sub-champs

2 America de Cali 12 Stars (championships) 6 times sub-champs

3 Atletico Nacional 10 Stars (championships) 10 times sub-champs

4 Deportivo Cali 8 Stars (championships) 12 times sub-champs

5 Independiente Santa Fe 6 Stars (championships) 3 times sub-champs

6 Atletico Junior 5 Stars (championships) 5 times sub-champs

7 Independiente Medellin 4 Stars (championships) 5 times sub-champs

8 Once Caldas 2 Stars (championships) 1 times sub-champs

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