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Matanzas, Chile

Matanzas is a village in Chile, where many surface water sports are practiced, due to its reliable wind conditions and strong waves.


This place was a famous harbor around the time of the Chilean colony. Here, part of the Spanish army responsible for the occupation of the central zone disembarked. Later, the harbor was invaded by pirates which defeated the Spanish fleet. The name of this harbor apparently is due to the extermination of the sea lions which served to provide oil.

Local people recall a history where Sir Francis Drake disembarked in Matanzas. They also talk about a sunken Spanish galleon.

Charles Darwin recognized 31 species around Matanzas in his Navidad Formation . This place is known for a rich molluscan fauna that was last reviewed extensively by Philippi (1887).


Sven N. Nielsen Cenozoic strombidae, aporrhaidae, and struthiolariidae from Chile: their significance to the interpretation of southeast pacific biogeography and climate. Journal of Paleontology, Volume 79, Issue 6 (November 2005),Article: pp. 11201130.

Letter 932 Darwin, C. R. to Sowerby, G. B., elder, [1 Dec 1845]

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Letter 932 Darwin to Sowerby, 1 Dec 1845Darwin Correspondence Project

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